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Are You Ready for a New Year?

Let's face it: The past couple of years have been pretty rough for a lot of people. Maybe you have health concerns and have been isolating. Maybe you've lost contact with friends over differing political leanings. You might have even lost loved ones to illness — either physical or emotional.

A New Year Is a Chance for a New Start

The truth is, most of us are very much ready for a new year and new beginnings.

The great news is that you are never too old or set in your ways to start fresh.

Commit to trying something completely new in the next week. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Take a tai chi class: You had to see this one coming! Tai chi is a great way to reduce stress and improve physical conditioning. Plus, there are many opportunities to practice both online and in person.

  • Play with puppies: Many shelters are overrun and looking for a little extra help. See if they need someone to walk dogs or keep puppies and kittens entertained for a while.

  • Visit a local museum: Even small towns often have museums about local history or to display local artistic talent. You just might learn something new about your area.

  • Take an online class: There are tons of great free and low-cost options available. Do you prefer to learn in person? Contact your local community college for a course catalog. There are often numerous personal enrichment classes to choose form.

Let's Make 2022 a Great Year

Are you ready to make this year one to remember for all the right reasons? Let's take the first steps together. Contact us to learn about our programs designed to get you up and moving.

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