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Weight Loss Essentials
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Personalized Wellness Services


Personal Training

Whether you want to schedule a single session or a package of them, personal training can help you develop and reach your goals faster.

Personal training has several advantages. It can:

  • Help you find exercises you really enjoy and are likely to stick with

  • Accommodate chronic health conditions, injuries, or limitations

  • Give you direct, private feedback so you know what areas need attention

  • Help you stay motivated while pushing you harder than you would push yourself

Group Exercise Classes

Exercise is about more than building stronger muscles and improving cardiovascular fitness. it is also a social endeavor. Group classes can be offered in-person or virtually through Zoom.


Fall Risk Screenings

Are you concerned about falling? Schedule a free virtual fall risk assessment today. The results can help you find a safe and appropriate program to help build strength, improve flexibility, and keep you on your feet. 

Nutrition Education

If you are confused by all of the conflicting information out there about what is — and what isn't — healthy to eat, you are not alone. Through the educational seminar "Nutrition as You Age", we will uncover some of the truths so you can build healthier eating habits at any age.

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